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About Walk-In Germinator

Categories : Seed Industry Equipments
Model : Walk-In Germinator
Availability : in Customized Sizes

The Walk-In Seed Germinator is applicable for a wide variety of seeds, and allows easy experimentation under varying atmospheric conditions including temperature and humidity. The design is suitable for replicating these conditions to conduct various experiments without venturing into the field.


The Walk-In Seed Germinator is constructed with double walled pre-fabricated panels that feature puff sandwich insulation and PU foam density of 40 kgs/m3. The accompanying cam lock system ensures that it is air tight, providing an effective cooling system. It also features an exclusive door with solid hinges, while the interior and exterior feature pre-coated G I sheets.

In addition, the panels can be easily dismantled and rearranged if necessary and marine plywood with skid proof plate is provided for flooring. Adequate lighting is provided in the room.

Heating, Cooling & Humidity

The Walk-In Seed Germinator is equipped with a hermetically sealed compressor that ensures the temperature stays below ambient. The evaporator is custom made construction with Stainless Steel with blower. Heaters provided separately to maintain accuracy in the room. The Germinator features a Stainless Steel humidifier with a float valve mounted on its caster wheel.

Control System

The operation of the Walk-In Seed Germinator is controlled by a Digital Electronic controller.


The Germination room is provided with White Tube lighting with Day and Night cyclic timer.


PLC system with data logger with PC interface

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