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About Vacuum Tray Dryer

Categories : Pharma Process Equipments
Model : Vacuum Tray Dryer
Availability : from 48 Trays to 96 Trays

The Vacuum Tray Dryer is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemicals and food industries as it eliminates the configuration damage of the drying materials. It is ideal for drying temperature sensitive materials under vacuum atmosphere in a static type dryer, ensuring complete vaporization of moisture and drying of the product.

The trays are box-shaped and allow for easy loading and unloading through the door. Larger models come with two doors. Inside, the product sits on the tray above several heating plates mounted one above the other. For optimal heat transfer from the plates to the product, the bottom of the heating plates and trays should be as smooth as possible.

Product Features

  • Main body and door constructed with heavy duty SS 316 plate
  • Glass view provided on door and receiver
  • Digital Temperature Indicator(FLP) at Hot Water Inlet and Outlet
  • Digital Temperature Indicator(FLP) at vacuum line
  • Dial type vacuum gauge in vacuum line
  • Dial type temperature gauge in body
  • Vacuum break valve provided in vacuum line
  • Silicon transparent gasket for door
  • Nitrogen purging valve provided on vacuum chamber
  • Can be designed to customers’ specification requirements
  • Double door loading available for large models
  • Temperature Accuracy : ± 2 - 30°C
  • Construction and finish as per cGMP standards


  • Condenser and receiver made in SS 316
  • 50 mm thick glass wool insulation on the vacuum chamber outer surface (excluding door)
  • Hot water system (steam heated) with tank insulated, SS304 steam Radiator/Electrical heaters, Circulation pump with FLP Motor and controls
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