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Model : Vacuum Oven
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Vacuum ovens are reliable equipment used for vacuum drying, curing, and moisture content testing. They are commonly used for drying heat sensitive samples, as well as moisture determination, and for samples which need to be dried in a controlled environment.

Product Features

  • High reliability
  • Low leakage rate
  • Toughened glass door for viewing

Technical Specifications

  • Inside chamber made of thick stainless steel 304
  • Outside chamber made of mild steel powder coated
  • High grade glass wool insulation to avoid heat loss
  • Uniform drying under vacuum temp.
  • Temperature controlled by digital temperature controller with indicator
  • Vacuum chamber wrapped with high quality heater for quick and uniform heating
  • Thick tempered toughen glass window perfectly sealed with silicon rubber gasket for observation without disturbing thermal condition
  • Proper door alignment to ensure excellent vacuum performance & safe operation
  • Positive screw to tighten the lid to obtain preface seal
  • Fitted with vacuum valves & vacuum gauge
  • Switches & indicating lamps provided on front panel

Optional Accessories

  • PID Controller with printer option
  • Programmable controller with 8 steps
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