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About Rotocone Vacuum Dryer

Categories : Pharma Process Equipments
Model : Rotocone Vacuum Dryer
Availability : from 15 Liters to 2000 Liters

The Rotocone vacuum dryer is a double conical vessel that uses vacuum and tumbling action to dry a wide range of products. Equipped with an external jacket, the vessel rotates on its axis during drying, resulting in the tumbling action of the product inside. This constant movement increases heat transfer between the heated surface and the product, ensuring that crystalline and friable materials can be dried without size reduction. Operated under vacuum, solvent recovery is carried out with a condenser and receiver.

Product Features

  • Inner shell/cone and contact parts in SS316
  • Heating (H.W./Stream) Jacket in SS304
  • Insulation with jacket in SS304
  • Cyclone separator in SS304
  • Drive unit enclosed with SS Covers
  • Dry mechanical seal for vacuum side
  • Dry mechanical seal for waterside
  • FLP motor and electricals
  • Provision for nitrogen purging
  • Digital temperature indicator (FLP) at hot water inlet and outlet
  • Digital temperature indicator (FLP)
  • Temperature and vacuum gauges (Dial type on cone)
  • Safety guard with limit switch
  • Pulse jet type dust filter provided inside the cone
  • Butterfly valve at discharge
  • Positioning wheel for cone
  • Drive: Gear box and motor direct coupled and box to cone drive shaft chain drive/Hbull gear and pinion
  • Construction and finish as per cGMP standards
  • Finish - Internal 320 GritMirrorPolish and Outer 180 GritMatFinish


  • VFD for Drive motor
  • Condenser and receiver in SS316
  • Lump breakers on cone with FLP motor and dry mechanical seals
  • 2-Stage water ring vacuum pump
  • Vacuum pump (partial SS) with FLP motor
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