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About Mass Mixer/Ribbon Blender

Categories : Pharma Process Equipments
Model : Mass Mixer/Ribbon Blender
Availability : from 10 Kgs to 500 Kgs

Easy to operate, the range of Mass Mixers is ideal for homogeneous mixing of particles in diverse industries including Food, Mineral, Pharmaceutical, Paint and Chemical Industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, The Mass Mixer is suitable for the tablet granulation process. Engineered to precision, this machine is specifically designed for thorough mixing of wet as well as dry or lump material. It comes equipped with transparent polycarbonate dust cover and interlocking system to view the raw material being mixed. This equipment also has paddle-like blades for efficient granulation and mixing. It also consists of a leak proof seal tilting arrangement for convenient unloading of products.

Product Features

  • Well designed to facilitate thorough mixing
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety transparent guard provided with interlocking system
  • Tilting device provided for ease in unloading using hand wheel
  • Specially designed self-adjusting sealing arrangement to ensure no black particles enter the mixing drum


  • Variable speed drive
  • Flame proof motor
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