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  • Most Advanced Range of
    Pharma Process Machineries
    Reliable Equipment and Machinery that Feature Enhanced Technology
  • Comprehensive Range of Top of the Line
    Seed Industry Equipments
    We Provide Fully Equipped Facilities that Allow Researchers to Replicate Various Atmospheric Conditions in a Controlled Setting
  • Exceptional Quality Range of
    Food Processing Equipment
    We Understand that Quality is of the Utmost Importance in the Food Industry

IEC is a Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Machinery and Equipment for the Pharma, Bulk Drugs and Food Industries.

In the past 17 years, Instruments & Equipments Company, IEC, has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of high performance machinery. IEC is an established name in the Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drugs, and Food Industries, supplying machinery and equipment that meet the highest international standards for quality and safety. With our advanced technology and proven expertise, our goal is to ensure that our clients are equipped with the best machinery available on the market. We offer a wide range of high quality products that enhance production in these industries, and enable them to operate at optimal levels to meet their customers’ needs. Our commitment to service excellence is unmatched. We aim to be a total service provider, with expert after sales support to help businesses maintain quality, effectiveness and optimal production.

Pharma Process Machineries

We are proud to serve the Pharmaceutical industry with a wide range of machinery and equipment that meets the highest international standards. In an industry that relies heavily on efficiency,having reliable machinery that maintains peak performance is critical to meeting production targets. IEC supplies top of the line equipment that meet and exceed customer expectations, providing efficient performance and the ability to keep up with production demands. We aim to support our clients to ensure that they maintain their competitive advantage. This is why we provide fast and expert technical support for the equipment and machinery we supply, so that time loss and production delays are minimized.

Seed Industry Equipments

We supply the seed industry with a comprehensive range of top of the line equipment. These include Walk-in Germinator, single / double door Germinator, BOD Incubator, Accelerated Aging Chamber, and Lab Oven among others. Our equipment is the most technologically advanced in the market, enabling our clients to carry out in-depth research activities without having to go into the field. We provide fully equipped facilities that allow researchers to replicate various atmospheric conditions in a controlled setting, with features to monitor changes without disturbing the test environment. Options are also available for customization and additional accessories.

Food Processing Equipments

We are an established manufacturer of superior quality food processing machinery to the food industry. IEC supplies Cashew Dryers, Cashew Peeling machines, Grading machines and many more equipment for efficient food production. We have built a strong reputation in the food industry, providing clients with the most advanced machinery backed by fast, efficient service. With service excellence our main goal, we are happy to make available our team of qualified technicians who work tirelessly to ensure that equipment is constantly operating at optimal levels to meet peak production demands. We understand that quality is of the utmost importance in the food industry. As such, we are constantly innovating to develop products that exceed international standards for quality and excellence.

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