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double cone blender double cone blender double cone blender double cone blender double cone blender

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About Double Cone Blender

Categories : Pharma Process Equipments
Model : Double Cone Blender
Availability : from 15 Liters to 3000 Liters

The double cone blender is ideal for mixing soft powders of granules that degrade by attrition. It consists of two cone shaped sections with 45ยบ slopes that prevent the material from sliding along the inner wall. In operation, the blender is loaded to a fill level of 50 to 60% of capacity, then tumbles and gently mixes so that the material spreads and folds over itself.

The smooth transition area simplifies cleaning as there are no areas to trap particles and cross-contaminate batches. The cone sections are welded at their wide ends to a centre band, and the option is available for contra rotary baffles with mechanical seals at both ends for critical mixing applications.

Product Features

  • Conical shape at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge
  • All contact parts made of stainless Steel 316 quality material / as specified by customer
  • Manual rotating facility with hand wheel for inching / Drive
  • Suitable sized butterfly valve at one end of the cone for material discharge and at other end for material charging and cleaning
  • Shaft with baffles with mirror polished provided inside the cone
  • Cone mirror polished inside and out with matte polished structure
  • All Non contact parts are of SS304
  • Safety guards made from SS304 pipes provided with limit switch
  • Panel fabricated from SS304 material with facility of three phase indication, D.O.L. tarter, digital timer
  • Worm reduction gear used for speed reduction
  • Food grade rubber gasket on cone ends as well as in butterfly valve
  • All safety guards & covers made out of SS304 in GMP Model


  • VFD for Drive motor
  • Charging bins with TC Clamps and trolley
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