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Categories : Pharma Process Equipments
Model : Coating Pan
Availability : from 12” to 72”

Suitable for Tablet Coating, the Coating Pan uses a film coating method that combines four processes simultaneously. The Coating Pan handles and optimizes each of the following processes :

    • Distribution of coating material on large numbers of tablets
    • Mixing of large batch for homogenous result
    • Drying or evaporation of solvent
    • Solvent vapour removal

The coating process is complex and requires careful monitoring and control to ensure satisfactory results, which are best achieved with the Vats & Vessels Coating Pan. This machine is designed with M.S. / S. S. fabricated structure, with all arrangements located inside the enclosure with the exception of the electric control air filter and S.S. Pan.

Product Features

  • Product contact parts in stainless steel 304 / 316
  • All SS parts polished to suitable finish required of pharmaceutical equipment
  • Gear box, motor, and hot air blower enclosed in a mild steel enclosure or stainless steel in case of GMP models
  • Mounted on dynamounts to avoid foundations
  • Easy cleaning


  • Hot air blower with temperature controller
  • FLP motors and FLP push button station
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