About IEC

IEC is an established name in the Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drugs, and Food Industries

Instruments and Equipments Company, IEC, has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of high performance machinery that meet and exceeds the expectations of our clients. In the past 15 years, we have become an established name in the Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drugs, and Food Industries, supplying the most innovative machinery and equipment designed to meet the highest international standards for quality and safety. We design, manufacture and supply a vast inventory of Pharmaceutical Machinery.

Our clients look to us for reliable equipment and machinery that feature enhanced technology and the latest designs built to meet rigorous international standards. We have invested in extensive research and state of the art technology to manufacture the best equipment designed to operate at optimal production requirements. Our products include Tray dryers, Vacuum Tray Dryers, Roto-cone Vacuum Dryer, Double Cone Blenders, Octagonal Blender, Multi-Mill, Vibro Sifter, Pulverizer, Coating Pan, Mass Mixer, Incubators, Cold rooms, and a wide range of machinery parts and spares. Supported by qualified professionals and experts in the field, IEC continues to expand our expertise.

Our qualified technical professionals provide fast, reliable support services for machines and equipment before, during and after the production phase. We have built strong relationships with our valuable clients, providing quick and satisfactory service to ensure smooth operations and minimal downtime. With service excellence our main goal, we are happy to make available our team of qualified technicians who work tirelessly to ensure that equipment is constantly operating at optimal levels to meet peak production demands.

Additionally, we employ consistent strategies to improve the quality of our products and maintain our position as a market leader. As such, we conduct regular quality inspections on our entire range to evaluate:

  • Design
  • Polish
  • Performance
  • test

in order to ensure that these parameters remain uncompromised.

As a progressive, forward-thinking company, our primary focus is to build solid relationships with new clients and strengthen partnerships with existing clients. We see this mutual cooperation as the key to developing new innovations to meet the demand for cost effective solutions that will help them succeed in their market space. Our promise to all current and prospective clients of IEC is the assurance of high quality, reliable productsat very competitive prices, accompanied by fast, consistent satisfactory service.

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